Public Health Institute of Malawi

National Public Health Research Division

 The unit is mandated to champion biomedical research in response to the health problems of the country, and making it accessible to all intended users for evidence-based decision making.

Sections under NPH Research Division


  • Strengthen functional ethical review boards
  • Review board’s implementation and compliance to bioethical principles
  • Coordinates various committee meetings i.e. Safety, NHSRC , expedited and adhoc meetings
  • Strengthens the monitoring of the approved proposal implementation and completion
  • Develops human subject protection operation and implementation plan

  • Identifies priority research areas/questions of public health importance for Malawi
  • Facilitates the implementation of research
  • Promotes collaboration between international and local researchers
  • Responds to research grants and project specific grants Promotes publication of research findings
  • Promotes conduct of research studies under One-Health approach (multi-disciplinary & multi-sectoral approach)
  • Develop research science operational implementation plan

  • Promotes knowledge sharing, dissemination of research findings and maintenance of functional library services.
  • Strengthens translation of research findings for policy and practice formulation through the Malawi Knowledge Translation Platform.
  • Develops evidence briefs for policy makers.
  • Strengthens national guidelines on use of evidence for decision making
  • Coordinates knowledge translation platforms
  • Sets up electronic system for capturing and retrieval documents
  • Reinforce dissemination of research findings of all approved proposals
  • Convene annual research dissemination conferences in collaboration with stakeholders

  • Develops and implements research skills training programs
  • Conducts continuous capacity building initiatives at all levels (National, Institutional, and Individual)
  • Develops mentorship programs on research implementation
  • Develops training programs in research grant writing skills Liaises with training institutions to train
  • PHIM staff in research grants synthesis and knowledge translation.
  •  The research division serves as a cornerstone for promoting and coordinating health research in Malawi, with each section contributing uniquely to our collective vision, effective planning of annual strategies is crucial for successful implementation.

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