Public Health Institute of Malawi


The provision of Proficiency Testing (PT) samples is one of the quality assurance activities that the Ministry of Health through the Public Health Institute of Malawi (PHIM) is implementing to continuously monitor the accuracy and reliability of laboratory results to support clinical and epidemiological decisions. To build local capacity, the PHIM has established a quality management system concerning the ISO 17043, 17034 and ISO 13528 requirements as part of the National Quality Assurance Program Continuous production of accurate and reliable laboratories can only be achieved if laboratory personnel are competent in monitoring factors that affect test method performance and timely address risks and opportunities identified.

Participants are being drawn from all laboratories participating in quality assurance programs.

Hence the Ministry of Health through the PHIM with funding from the Global Fund in Quality Assurance Trainings-PT Processes has organised a two-session pilot training starting from 1st April 2024 to 25th April 2024 as part of enhancing capacity in testing laboratories to continuously monitor the quality of results and conformity to ISO 15189 requirements at Linde Hotel in Mponela. 

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