Public Health Institute of Malawi

Reference Lab confirms contamination of Area 18 Water

On 18 June 2017, Malawians woke up to the rude awakening that residents of some parts of Area 18 in Lilongwe, were drinking contaminated water. It is said that an underground supply line burst near a sewer broken system that was emitting sewer water into the supply line. For days, it remained unclear to what […]

Construction of treatment isolation wards resumes

Construction of Isolation wards was resumed after the project had stalled due to the absence of Environmental and Social Management plans- a requirement by the World Bank. The project was launched as an emergency response to the outbreak of the Ebola Virus that hit West Africa in 2014. Malawi was at the time identified as […]

Cholera outbreak in Chikwawa

Over the months, suspected cases of cholera were reported in Chikwawa. Numerous stool samples were sent to the National Reference Laboratory and the very first case was confirmed in January this year. According to Chikwawa District Health Promotion Officer, Settie Piriminta, as at June 2017 the district had recorded 70 cholera cases. He said the […]